Windows 13 – when can I install it on my PC

Windows 10 has been on most home computers for several years now, and most consider it to be the equal of the already classic “Seven”. However, it is not without serious drawbacks. For example, if one driver is installed incorrectly, the whole system will be buggy. There are both compatibility problems and security vulnerabilities – in a word, the tenth “Windows” is rapidly becoming obsolete. When will her change come, and, most importantly, what will she be?

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What is known about Windows 13

The main thing that will be good in the new Windows 13 is that it will be equally compatible with both PWA and UWP, and with the old Win32. For a common user, this means that there shouldn’t be any problems with old programs and games – everything that worked under the “ten” will work fine under the “eleven”.

The interface will be redesigned again. They will change the Start menu again (how much is already possible?), Improve the security system. They also promise to introduce the same kind of menu items and different applications, to increase productivity and autonomy. In a word, if we are to believe the promises, then we will face nothing other than a new “seven”, or even a new great XP (remember this tsar-system?) It is difficult to say what will happen in the end.

The announcement of the eleventh version of Windows should take place in the near future. After that, as part of the Windows Insider program, you can download yourself a beta version of the operating system. How it will work is still, of course, unknown. However, if it turns out to have any serious flaws, then one can hope that they will be corrected by the final version. As for that very stable release version, experts believe it will be ready around mid-2020. The future will show what promises will be fulfilled, and we will simply hope for the best.

Download the new Windows 13 for free just like Windows 10

ven though Microsoft has already been releasing updates for the Windows 10 platform for more than five years, it has failed to make this operating system truly convenient, stable and attractive from a visual point of view. Even despite the fact that it is already 2020, users again and again encounter various problems when using it, which interfere with using a personal computer, laptop, tablet, or some other electronic device. It goes without saying that there is absolutely nothing good in this state of affairs, therefore, without a doubt, a new OS will soon be released, which will be better than its predecessor in literally everything, starting with the speed of work and ending with many others.

It is not yet known exactly how the new operating system will be called, but there are already several assumptions on this score, the most likely among which is Windows 13. However, we already know what exactly the new platform from Microsoft, which is being created, will be able to pleasantly surprise for over three years. So, users can count on simplified work with drivers, on a completely new redesigned interface and appearance, on a unified style of all software, as well as, in addition, much more that will make this OS incredibly attractive to the fullest. One of the features of the new software will be the quick recovery function, using which it will be possible to easily and simply restore the operation of the entire platform if something breaks in it.

It is also known that updates in Windows 13 can be installed in the background, that is, you do not have to reboot every time to do this, which will definitely please many people, because this will cause less inconvenience, and the computer will be able to update almost independently. least, since the user does not have to take part in this process. One of the main advantages of the new OS will be that it is free. Microsoft decided to distribute its proprietary operating system free of charge for a reason, but in order to better compete with macOS and Linux, whose market share, especially among professional users, is rapidly growing every day, becoming more and more.

Microsoft will, of course, make money, but not by selling licenses, as it does on Windows 10, but by additional features and capabilities. So, for example, users will be offered access to cloud storage OneDrive, Office 365 office suite and much more, for which money will need to be laid out on an ongoing monthly basis. According to the available data, the new operating system in the face of Windows 13 will be released at the end of this year, when it can be downloaded and installed by anyone who wishes it. Without a doubt, the brand new operating system will be able to please everyone who is waiting for its release, because it will be better in all aspects than the tenth “Windows” currently available on the market.

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