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Windows 11 Download ISO Free 32 bit 64 bit – Features, Release Date and more

Windows 11 Download ISO Free 32 bit 64 bit :  Microsoft announced that it will release a major message on June 24. Everyone’s speculation is also focused on the new version of the Windows operating system. Judging from the leaked files, the mysterious guest is indeed Windows 11. We know that the new platform will be better than others and this will be expressed literally in everything. The development of the Windows 11 operating system is designed in such a way that long before the release of the preliminary build, insiders gain access to one of the following versions. No one knows why Microsoft’s plans have changed, which means that this year it’s not worth waiting for the release of a new version of the OS that Windows 11 ISO So, it will provide high speed, enhanced security system, and at the same time a significant increase in battery life on laptops and tablets due to code optimization, the latest energy-saving algorithms and a reduction in the number of background processes. However, this is far from everything that this platform for electronic devices can pleasantly please. Users in Windows 11 can rely on a completely new incredibly beautiful appearance of the entire interface, which will definitely please all users. This will be supplemented with new menu items and simplify the entire navigation to make the process of using this OS easier and more understandable.

windows 11 download

Windows 11 release date Update – New Operating System

According to currently available data, the new operating system will be able to update seamlessly for the user, that is, all updates will load in the background, and then quietly take effect without the need to reboot or exit the system. This will greatly simplify the process of installing updates, since it does not require spending money. This, without a doubt, will please all users. Moreover, the installation system for updates in Windows 11 release date will be as reliable as possible, so if something suddenly breaks partially or completely, the user will be able to return everything back in a couple of clicks within a couple of weeks after spending literally 5 minutes.

windows 11 iso

The new operating system will turn out to be the most reliable of all that Microsoft has ever released, and it will also receive native support for Android smartphones, having received full synchronization with such. According to current data, the presentation of Windows 11 will take place on june 24, tafter that, this platform will become available for installation on all computers and other gadgets of users. It is expected that its release in the final stable form will have in the third quarter, that is, it will be possible to download it somewhere in September. As for the license price, this will cost $ 200 (13,000 rubles), how much the licensed version of the most affordable Windows 10 build costs now. It remains to be believed

The installation process is similar to Win 10

According to the leaked Windows 11 files obtained by the author, the following 11 versions are integrated in a single disc image file.

  1. Windows 11 Home Edition
  2. Windows 11 Home Edition N
  3. Windows 11 Home Edition Single Language
  4. Windows 11 Education Edition
  5. Windows 11 Education Edition N
  6. Windows 11 Professional Edition
  7. Windows 11 Professional Edition N
  8. Windows 11 Professional Education Edition
  9. Windows 11 Education Professional Edition N
  10. Windows 11 Workstation Edition
  11. Windows 11 N Workstation Edition
  12. It can be said that it is really “Windows 11”.

    The “N” version is the version that does not have built-in programs such as Windows Media Player, Groove Music, Movies & TV, Voice Recorder, Skype, etc. For details, please refer to our previous ” In addition to Windows 10 S, in fact, Windows already has you I don’t know the “N”, “KN” version ” article.

    The installation wizard is also similar to the current Windows 10. Users can choose the version they want to install and enter the serial number (or choose I don’t have a serial number, and I will start it after the installation is complete). It is reported that the serial numbers of Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 can be used. Install it. During the installation process, users can also use familiar disk partitioning tools to create or delete partitions.

Windows 11 ISO Features & Updates

The operating system for computer equipment  Windows 11 , which is expected to be released this year, will be distinguished by its user-friendly interface, wide functionality and a high level of stability.

In the new platform from Microsoft, standard applications will be redesigned, menu items will be redesigned, stability will be increased, new features and a security system with permissions will be introduced. Also, it will be in a new and more secure way to install updates.

These features will make Windows 11 the best OS from Microsoft.

windows 11 iso

The new operating system will have native support for mobile phones on iOS and Android, so that their owners will be able to use many different features, for example, remote launch of applications on smartphones.

The novelty will be fully compatible with Win32, UWP and PWA applications. Due to this, all games and programs running on Windows 10 will fully work on the new OS.

According to media reports, the presentation of Windows 11 will take place in a few months. After it, a beta test will take place, anyone can become a participant in it.

Recently, experts from the development company and its partners tested the new operating system.

According to rumors on the network, the licensed version of the new development from Microsoft will be free. However, to get access to all the features of the OS, you still need to pay.

For example, the Office 365 office suite and new versions of various services, such as OneDrive, will be paid. To use these features will require a paid subscription.

According to the creators, Windows 11 will be more autonomous, faster, easier to understand than the OS of previous versions. The operating system interface was developed anew, and standard programs were tailored to one single style.

Windows release of the new version is expected in the fall.

windows 11 download

Almost all of the ideas and features of Windows 10 were a failure, and the popularity of this OS is due to the fact that it is much newer than Windows 7, supporting many new technologies. If not for this, Microsoft would hardly have managed to make the tenth Windows more popular than the seventh, since the release of which almost ten years have passed. Today, July 1, 2019, details about the new OS for computers, tablets, laptops and tablets became known, and it will be called Windows 11, although there is evidence that the American corporation will abandon such a line, focusing all its forces on another.

Windows 11? Exact information from Microsoft, download, release date, overview:

Windows 11 turned out to be twice as fast as Windows 10

Let Microsoft’s most modern operating system be Windows 10, but very soon everything will change, because a new platform will be introduced and launched on the market, and they attribute to it a whole host of features. Let the latest software have not yet been introduced, but it is already known that it can be called Windows 11, although, of course, so far this is only an assumption. This OS will turn out to be the best among all that the American corporation has ever released, because it will bring with it an increase in speed, a stronger security system, enhanced functionality, improved appearance, support for old obsolete applications, and much more, which is guaranteed will please all users.

To the delight of all those who for some reason do not like the Windows 10 operating system, a new platform will soon be released, and this will most likely be called Windows 11. This platform will delight users with a modular kernel, thanks to which it will be able to become only incredibly stable in every way, but also, in addition, offer users several advantages at once. The main ones will be seamless updates that can be installed automatically in the background without constant reboots and all that, as well as a quick restore system from the backup, and the process of creating the latter will also change in the direction of simplification, so you can always have a fresh data backup on hand in order to recover from it.

windows 11 iso

However, this is not all, because the latest OS works twice as fast as Windows 10 in many tasks. To achieve such a significant increase in terms of speed, of course, it was possible not from scratch, but due to the abandonment of obsolete functions and due to the transition to the latest libraries. In the brand new Windows 11, all users are waiting for increased speed, enhanced security, enhanced functionality, a completely new interface of the entire platform, redesigned standard applications, as well as, in addition to all this, much more, which will have a very positive effect on the attractiveness of this entire operating system. system. Its release is expected to happen at the end of this year, when everyone can access it.

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