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Windows 10 October 2020 Update – 7 Most Important New Features

 Windows 10 – also known as version 20H2 – for subscribers to its beta program (Windows Insider), and it is expected to be widely released in October. 

The October 2020 update for Windows 10 includes the new Edge browser, an updated user interface for the Start menu, updates to the taskbar and notifications, in addition to some other features and improvements in the Windows 10 operating system.

Microsoft said last March: “The Windows 10 operating system is now working on more than one billion devices around the world.” Now that support for Windows 7 has officially ended, Microsoft encourages users to upgrade to Windows 10 to keep their computers running smoothly and safely.

The major updates for Windows 10 are released every six months, the latest being the May 2020 Update – also known as the (Windows 10 2004) release – and if you have already installed this update, it should only take a few minutes to download the October Update. But if the May 2020 Update is not already installed in your device, it may take 20-30 minutes or more to install the update on older devices.

Here are 7 of the most important new features in the Windows 10 October 2020 Update:

Windows 10 October 2020 Update doesn’t include many of the fancy changes from the May update, but there are many small improvements and fixes that should make your system experience better

1- The new version of Edge Browser:

windows 10 features

This will be the first version of the Windows 10 system , which automatically includes Microsoft (EDGE) browser Edge new rather than the old version. When you log in to the system, you will be prompted to complete the new Edge setup, with no traces of the old browser visible.

The new Edge Browser includes a new privacy feature that blocks websites that track you online, and a feature called (Collections) that allows you to easily collect information from different websites, organize and export it to different files, or return to your search at a later time and start where you left off.

2- The updated Start menu:

windows 10 features

Starting with the October 2020 update, the visual design of the Start menu in Windows 10 will change to become more streamlined, as Microsoft replaced the colored background boxes for icons in the app menu with partially transparent backgrounds, which helps to highlight the icons more. And you can also set a color for the highlighting if you like.

3- Easy to navigate between multiple tabs:

windows 10

Windows 10’s October 2020 Update allows you to access open tabs in the browser by pressing the Alt and Tab buttons on the keyboard, instead of displaying only one thumbnail for each browser window.

So if you are using multiple webpages simultaneously, you can quickly find and switch between them using just the Alt and Tab buttons. You can also customize this feature to show only the last three or five tabs, or turn it off entirely in Settings.

4- Improving the taskbar:

windows 10 update

Microsoft also introduces a new feature in the taskbar that helps you quickly access the tabs of your pinned sites in the ribbon so that you can find what you are looking for faster, as clicking on a pinned site in the taskbar will now show all the open tabs for that site across any From browser windows, just as it happens to any application with multiple windows open.

5- Improve the notification experience:

Microsoft made some changes in the October 2020 update to improve the notification experience in Windows 10, as you will now know the source of the notification by checking the application logo, and if it is an unimportant notification, you can quickly ignore it by clicking on the (X) icon in the upper right corner. 

Microsoft has also improved the Focus Assist feature in Windows 10 – which automatically hides notifications while playing games and using other apps in full screen, and then shows a summary of all notifications once done – by disabling all Focus Assist notifications by default, though From settings that you can still re-enable it.

6- Changes in settings:

This update comes with some changes to the settings page, where the About page will get links to some old utilities that were previously only available from the Control Panel. It also contains a copy button below the device specifications and Windows specifications, which makes it easy to share this information with a support party.

7- Improving the experience of using 2-in-1 computers:

In the previous; When the keyboard was disconnected from the 2-in-1 computer, a notification appeared asking: Do you want to switch to tablet mode? But in the upcoming Windows update, Microsoft has worked to improve this experience further by changing the default setting, so that the Windows 10 system automatically switches to the new tablet experience added in the May 2020 update without prompting or notification, with some touch improvements. You can also change this setting at any time in Settings.

5 Most Important Features that Windows 10 Excels over windows 7

 Market studies have shown in recent times that Windows 10 has surpassed the Windows 7 operating system as the most popular version of the Windows operating system, but despite the end of official support for Windows 7, there are up to 24.9% of users still sticking to this system. He is now about 10 years old.

Nobody can force you to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, but it’s okay to do so, the main reason being security. Without security updates or fixes, you are putting your own computer at risk. Below we will provide you with some of the advantages in Windows 10 that will make you take the initiative to upgrade.

Here are the 5 most important features that Windows 10 excels at Windows 7:

1- Security improvements:

The advanced level of security for the operating system (Windows 10) the Windows 10 security patches and continuous updates are major causes for the upgrade, and include some security features include:

  • Windows Hello: A program that uses facial recognition technology to unlock your device using a webcam, as well as supports opening more than a dozen applications.
  • Microsoft Defender: Free Antivirus from Microsoft.
  • Automatic Updates: Unlike previous versions, Windows 10 offers you automatic updates by default to keep your Windows system safe from attacks and intrusions.

2- Start menu:

Similar to the Start menu in Windows 8, the Start menu in Windows 10 includes large icons on the right for many applications, such as: Mail, Calendar, and Weather, and you can customize these icons as you like.

Using the “Start” menu on Windows 10, you can also access the second, lesser-known “Start” menu that helps you access important features such as: (Control Panel) and (Command Prompt). By either pressing (Windows + X) key or by right-clicking on the Windows icon.

3- Cortana Voice Assistant:

Microsoft provided its voice assistant ( Cortana ) in the Windows 10 operating system, and Cortana works as a personal assistant where you can, through voice commands, assign him to perform some tasks such as: scheduling appointments, reading e-mail, and much more.

4- Microsoft Edge Browser:

If you switch to the Windows 10 operating system, you can say: Goodbye to Internet Explorer, which is known for its slowness and security vulnerabilities, as Microsoft introduced the Edge browser, which relies on the Chromium engine from Google, which makes it more compatible with Modern web sites.

5- Regular system updates:

Instead of releasing a new operating system every period, Microsoft has taken the approach of major updates to the Windows 10 operating system that come twice a year, to solve security problems and make devices work better, in addition to periodic updates to fill gaps and add some new features to applications.

This approach made the operating system work more as a service than as a product, and to check for updates, follow these steps:

  • Click on the (Start) menu and select (Settings).
  • Click on (Update and Security) Update & Security.
  • Choose (Windows Update) Windows Update.
  • Click on the option (Check for updates) Check for updates.

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