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Windows 10 App Now Free Forever – Best paid App

The Windows 10 operating system has never been free, but it costs as much as $ 200, that is, those who want to get it, at least if we talk about the licensed legal version, will have to pay a large sum of money for it one way or another. However, even having given so much, this platform still cannot be ideal, because it contains many different disadvantages, including the absence of a number of really extremely useful, important and necessary applications. Of course, we are talking about the Office 2019 office suite, which costs a very large sum of money, since its legal licensed version costs about $ 120, that is, it takes about 8,900 rubles to pay for it.

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Having given this amount of money, it will be possible to use this office suite to the fullest, without experiencing any difficulties and difficulties. Obviously, this is a very, very large amount of money, because it turns out that in addition to the operating system itself, the user of an electronic device also needs to additionally spend huge amounts of money, without experiencing any difficulties and difficulties. This office contains such popular applications that many people need for work and training, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and a number of others, which allow them to solve various very different tasks.

However, things suddenly changed for the better, and this was made possible by the fact that Microsoft reduced its greed by making it possible to use its office suite for free. Now all users of the licensed version of Windows 10 can download software such as Office from the Microsoft Store for free. It is distributed without charging any fee, and this has an extremely positive effect not only on its availability, but also, in addition, contains all the necessary tools for working with documents, spreadsheets, presentations, notes, e-mail and others. office files.

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The new software can already be downloaded from the Microsoft Store without any charge, but only users of the licensed version of Windows 10 can do this. To download the Office application, you must log in to the store using your account, and then download it. This program allows you to create, view and edit all kinds of office documents, but this can be done only in the mode of limited functionality. If there are enough of them, you will not have to pay money for anything, whereas otherwise, otherwise, you will need to buy a full-fledged Office 2019, paying as much as 8,900 rubles for it, that is, about $ 120.

Install Windows 10 updates and how to do it & Why I need It

n addition to Windows 10 automatically installing security updates, cumulative updates, and feature updates, you can also find “optional updates” in Windows Update, which include driver updates for installed devices and more.

This article discusses whether to install optional Windows 10 updates, when it might be warranted, and how to install optional updates.

Installing optional Windows 10 updates and when it comes in handy

To see a list of optional Windows 10 updates, just follow these steps:

  1. Open Windows 10 Settings (Win + I keys).
  2. Go to the “Updates and Security” section.
  3. Under the Windows Update subsection, click View optional updates. If the link is not displayed, it means that optional updates were not found (or something prevented the search for them)

The list of available optional updates will vary from computer to computer and may include:

  • Driver updates for existing devices.
  • Any updates from your computer or laptop manufacturer (select brands only).
  • Non-security previews of Windows 10 updates that may be released as required in the future.
  • In the same section, judging by the information available, updates to Windows 10 components (update to a new version) will be displayed in the future.

To install optional updates, select the necessary items, click the Download and Install button and wait for the installation.

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Do I need to install optional updates? There is no clear answer here: in general, if Windows 10 and drivers are working properly, there is no point. But in some cases it can come in handy:

  1. If a device is not working properly, you want to try updating its driver using Windows 10 and this driver is in the list of optional updates – it’s worth a try, besides, the ability to update drivers through the Device Manager is disabled in the latest versions of Windows 10. Unfortunately, in the update center it is not always clear which driver is in question (only the developer and version are indicated). As before, I do not recommend this way, but manual download of the required driver from the device manufacturer’s website and its installation.
  2. If you have any problems with Windows 10 that are not caused by third-party programs, and the list of optional updates in the “Other Updates” section contains “Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Preview”, you can find a description of this update by its number ( KB1234567) on the Internet and see what fixes have been made. If the description contains information about fixing your particular problem, you should try to install this update.

As noted above, it is reported that updates to Windows 10 components (an update to the version of Windows 10 that comes out every six months) will now also be listed in the list of optional updates, although I’m almost sure that they will be notified about this in other sections of the Update Center.

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