Windows 13 Features Update 2021

Windows 13 Features Update 2021 If you have been using Windows 10 for a while, you should have noticed that Microsoft has introduced many new features. So you are probably familiar with Cortana (the new voice assistant), the Edge browser (replacing Internet Explorer), the new Start menu, and all the other significant changes. However, there are some new features that are not immediately noticeable, but equally important.

We rummaged around in Windows 13 for some time, and we want to offer you some of their little-known functions, which will be useful to know to improve the work on your Windows PC. we have already considered earlier, and now we will focus on 13 effective hacks.

Top 10 Windows 13 Features

1. Printing in PDF

Of course, in the store – BUY and PRINT,However, in many cases, obtaining a hard copy of a page, document or photograph is not necessary. In this case, use the ability to print to a PDF file.

windows 10

A feature that has been highly sought after for many years and is present on other operating systems is the ability to create a PDF file from the print menu. Since its introduction, Windows Vista introduced the ability to save a document in an XPS file format (the alleged “killer PDF” from Microsoft, which it never became), but it is practically useless if you need to share files with other operating systems.

Microsoft finally changed its position and turned on the built-in PDF support in the Windows 10 print menu. In the Select Printer section, select “Microsoft Print to PDF” and save the setting. This means that you no longer need to install additional add-ons to print a PDF document!

2. Timer in the Scissors tool

Scissors tool is a built-in utility for creating screenshots, which was first introduced in Windows Vista, but in Windows 13, Microsoft added very useful options: delay timer. Now you can start the timer and save your screenshots with a delay of 1 to 5 seconds, which can help you get the screen you need.

3. Command line shortcuts

windows 10

The Windows 13 command line has made significant improvements. The operation of such hot keys is supported:

  • Ctrl + A = select all text inside the command line
  • Ctrl + C = copy text inside command line
  • Ctrl + V = Paste text inside the command line

If you used a UNIX-based terminal, then you will surely appreciate the new benefits provided by these keyboard shortcuts.

In addition, you also get text selection, word wrap, transparency, high resolution support, dynamic window size, etc.

4. Scrolling inside background applications

windows 10

A nice feature that appeared in the new Windows 13 is scrolling inside background applications. The ability to scroll inactive windows when hovering over them is enabled in the OS by default. Now that you hover over an application that is out of focus, you can scroll inside that application. This handy little feature that has existed on Mac OS X for some time now is very useful for multitasking.

5. Quick access to applications in the Start menu

windows 13

Inside the Start menu , in the All applications section , you have a list of all applications by category according to their name by alphabet. If you have a large list of applications, navigating through it may become a little uncomfortable, therefore, to facilitate the search, just click on any of the letters in the title and you will see an animated alphabet for quick access. Click on any letter and a list of specific applications will be displayed, the names of which begin with the letter of your choice.

6. Search by file type

Suppose you want to find all the HTML files on your computer. In Windows 10, you can simply type “ files: html “ in the Search menu to display them. This works not only for simple files, but also for applications, settings, folders, etc. Just use the syntax “type: specifier.”

7. Reading Mode in Microsoft Edge

windows 13
Originally known as Project Spartan, the Microsoft Edge browser was a dark horse, but over time it surpassed Internet Explorer. Of all the interesting features of the new Edge browser, the reading mode is worthy of special mention, because, currently, Edge does not have ad blocking support.

Switching to reading mode removes all the banner, advertisements and other “garbage” from the page, displaying the main content presented beautifully and neatly.

You can enable the mode either with a special button at the top of the screen, or with the CTRL + SHIFT + R key combination.

8. Game Panel

windows 13

Another cool little-known feature of Windows 13 is the game recording functionality that came with the Xbox app. However, you can use it not only to record just a game, but also as a screen recording utility. Microsoft aims to fully support the Xbox ecosystem, and we can expect this feature to become even more convenient in the near future.

To activate the Game Panel in Windows 13, just press and hold the WIM + G keys for a few seconds.

9. Offline Maps

Through the Settings app , you have the option to download maps for offline access. This is very useful because it provides the ability to access your cards, even if the PC does not have Internet access.

windows 13

10. Installing unpublished applications

Now you can install universal Windows applications from anywhere. Prior to this, in Windows 8.x, the Store was the only way to get applications. Of course, you can always install desktop applications to your liking, but for Metro / Modern applications, installation was possible only from the Windows Store. Now you can download applications from anywhere. Go to Settings – Update & Security – For Developers , and check the “Install Unpublished Applications” checkbox.

Note: Control your sources when installing the application using this option, and download them only from sources you trust.