Windows 12 ISO Download, Release date, Features, Updates 2021

Windows 12 will be released in July 2021. A new version of the popular operating system will be released with many new features. Microsoft plans to improve the way to reboot or provide the ability to update a computer running Windows 12. The company has tested a new feature called “Download the cloud” – it is necessary to reset the operating system in the event of a hardware failure or need to reinstall the OS. This feature is likely to be critical for the future Microsoft Windows Lite and Windows Core OS (WCOS).

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Windows 12 release date

Windows 12 will be released on July 27, 2021. Thousands of users have already started installing it on their computers. But it should be understood that these are not official Microsoft versions.

According to rumors, the new operating system will bring with it quite a few changes. Windows 12 has already been praised by experts, mainly because it is fast and very easy to use.

A simplified version of Windows 12 (Lite) will be released , similar to ChromeOS, with the ability to recover on devices without having to insert anything via USB. The idea is that this function will be implemented gradually. This will likely be similar to how Apple does a macOS reinstallation with the option to reinstall the OS by downloading a copy from the cloud. Microsoft recently used a similar feature for its Surface lineup, allowing devices to “recover from the cloud” by downloading a copy of Windows 12 and reinstalling.

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How to manually update Windows 12:

  1. Select the “Start” (Windows) button in the lower left corner.
  2. Go to settings (gear icon).
  3. Select the Update & Security icon.
  4. Select the Windows Update tab in the sidebar (circular arrows).
  5. Select Check for Updates. If there is an update available, it will start downloading automatically.

Windows 12: new features and updates

If you are not sure whether to upgrade to Windows 12, we will introduce you to some interesting features of this operating system.

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File Explorer dark mode

In previous versions of Windows, the Dark Mode feature included Settings, Microsoft Edge, Groove Music, Calculator, and other default apps. However, in Windows 12 Update Microsoft added a dark mode feature to File Explorer. For those who like to use dark mode and work at night, this can be a significant benefit. It will be possible to process files and run files via a context menu (right click) with a dark background display and light text.

Clipboard history

The next new feature in Windows 12 Update is the addition of clipboard history. If you execute the “Copy” or “Cut” command, the data will be saved to the clipboard. The clipboard history feature allows you to view all data as text or files that you have copied or cut. You can freely choose what you want to insert. Thus, you can copy the text in any order and then paste in the order you want. Moreover, you will be able to insert data from one device to another. Just press the Win + V key combination. The clipboard history window will be displayed and all the fragments that you copied or cut will appear.

Snip & Sketch

The next update is Snip & Sketch. This feature allows you to edit or write on the screenshot you just took. Using this function is also very simple, you only need to press Win + Shift + S to take a screenshot. After that click on the image that will appear in the floating window. You can then edit and sketch the text or picture onto the screenshot as desired.

Text messages from laptop

With Windows 12 Update, you can send and read SMS messages directly from your laptop. The new operating system can sync the laptop with your Android smartphone. In this way, you can immediately see the SMS contained on your Android smartphone and also reply using your laptop. You can not only view and send SMS, but also view the photos that are stored on your smartphone. This way, every time you take a new photo with your smartphone, you can immediately see the photo through your laptop. However, in order to use this feature, you must install the Microsoft Launcher or Your Phone Companion app on your Android smartphone. Then you need to log in with the Microsoft account used on the laptop.

Preliminary search

Another update is the look and feel of Windows Search, which has been redesigned with a preview. Thus, if you enter certain keywords, a preview of the search results will be displayed. For example, if you enter a song title, it will be displayed in full (file location and other information). In addition, if you are looking for an app, you will also be shown several actions that you can use.

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Microsoft Edge updates

The next new feature is the changes made in Microsoft Edge. Among these changes is shadow, which makes the effect of display depth more pronounced. All settings in Microsoft Edge are grouped into categories, which of course makes it easier for users to find the settings they want. Not only that, you can now also set up auto-play media to specify whether the video should play automatically or not. When reading PDFs with Edge Browser, you will be able to add notes and annotations. This is useful for anyone who wants to add specific notes while reading an e-book. There is also a Line Focus feature to focus text on one, three or five lines as configured.

Energy control in Task Manager

The next update is the addition of energy-related information to the Task Manager. Added not only power consumption control, but also simplified power consumption monitoring in Windows 12. The function allows you to control any application. Thus, you can see a list of applications that drain your laptop battery quickly.

HDR support

The next new feature is HDR support on laptops running the latest version of Windows 12. This will be very useful if you like to use a large screen monitor such as 4K with HDR support. Windows 12 Update now has dedicated options for adjusting HDR: Settings> Display> Windows HD Color. This option displays the screen that is used for HDR support, starting with video streams, games, apps, and more.

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Windows Security

And the last major update in Windows 12 Update was the change of the name of the antivirus program from “Windows Defender” to “Windows Security”. Windows Antivirus also adds several new security features by default. They will make it easier for you to protect your personal data from ransomware and allow certain applications to access it.