Windows 10 most prominent apps to help Student Study

Thanks to the technological development that we are currently witnessing; Today, students have many tools and options to receive their lessons more effectively, and the most important of these tools are the applications that they can install on their laptop or desktop computer; Whether in real-world classrooms or during distance learning, to help them focus and accomplish assignments efficiently.

windows 10 apps

Here are 5 of the most prominent Windows 10 apps to help students study

1- Grammarly app:

When writing text drafts, we find that it is common to find spelling errors or badly written sentences, or that punctuation marks are used incorrectly, here you can use the Grammarly application that helps you improve the quality of writing by identifying errors related to spelling and vocabulary, as well as the structure of sentences and correct them .

There is also an add-on from the app that is freely available for all web browsers, but if you upgrade to the paid version you will get additional features such as: advanced correction tools to improve vocabulary, built-in grammar tips, and professional proofreading.

2- Polar app:

It is a book reading application and document manager at the same time, as it allows you to keep all textbooks in one place, and the application supports folders, and allows you to track your reading progress. The built-in commenting tools also allow you to take and manage notes in the sidebar.

The application also supports creating flashcards to facilitate learning and to keep things in your memory, and the application also supports a feature called (progressive reading) incremental reading to facilitate the process of reading and understanding by dividing the pages of the book into easy and appropriate pargraphs.

3- OneNote app:

 One of the best educational applications that help improve the learning process, and OneNote 2016 version also comes with the feature of Class Notebook which is a personal and collaborative workspace for both the teacher and the student.

Where teachers can create note books for each class, and make them available to students individually or collectively, to get notes from the teacher in real time, the application also integrates seamlessly with a Learning Management System ( LMS ) to perform assignments or send grades directly from the application.

4- myHomework:

The application myHomework of the best applications for Windows 10 available for students, which allows you to keep track of lessons and tasks of study, tests and projects easily, as the application helps your study time management by giving you a clear presentation of the agenda curriculum, assessment shows the maturity dates of delivery, and a section of household duties.

Also, through the application, you can create reminders and periodic tasks by adding events to the calendar, and record your classes so that you can read them easily, and the application supports the feature of synchronizing data between the computer and the smartphone; For you to access it anywhere.

5- Cold Turkey application:

Cold Turkey application allows you to block websites, applications and games that distract you while performing study tasks, such as: social networking sites, all you have to do is select the website or application that you want to block and restrict access to it, then choose the time you want, and remember while Lock the app or website You cannot disable the app’s functionality or permanently change the time until the time you choose has passed.