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Microsoft New feature to change the display refresh rate in the Windows 10

Microsoft continues to change key elements of the Windows 10 interface to make it easier for users. The company has also begun to shift important configuration options to the modern operating system settings menu.

We remind you that Microsoft has introduced an updated settings section in Windows 8. Many of the configuration options have then been moved to this menu. However, many users were confused where certain features are located.

Some of them can be found in the “Device Manager” or “Control Panel” menus, while others are in the traditional Settings section. Months ago, we learned about Microsoft’s plans to fix this problem by making changes to the operating system.

The idea is for all Windows 10 settings to be open and easily accessible in the Settings menu, informs mspoweruser. So the company hopes to save users valuable time by allowing them to quickly find the information they’re looking for on Windows 10 devices.

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This process started in the summer with the relocation of the System Control Panel in July, which was followed by the Disk Management tool only a month later. The last step in this direction was to redirect the “Programs and Features” tab to the modern “Apps & Features” page in the “Settings” menu.

Now, a few weeks later, we find out about the next integration that is part of this plan. Microsoft has replaced an option to change the display refresh rate, which you will no longer find in the advanced monitor settings section.

The release of Windows 10 Preview Build 20236 will add the feature to the “Advanced Display Settings” menu.

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How to remove ads from the Windows 10 Start menu

Microsoft often provokes negative comments with the distribution of the two major updates to Windows 10, which they distribute within a calendar year. The reason is that some of the new features create problems for users, and in some cases the updates create unexpected problems in the company’s work.

Despite Microsoft’s attempts to deal with the situation, there is still something to be asked of the update system. If you’re using Windows 10, you’ve probably noticed that the company has been showing ads in apps like Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word for a while, but also in the operating system’s Start menu.

This is quite annoying as the messages are displayed even if you download the popular applications yourself and are chatting from the Windows 10 Version 2004 version of the software. Even stranger is that the company has not officially announced that it plans to display ads in this way, which creates further confusion among consumers.

The good news is that there is a way to remove the annoying ads that you see in the Start menu of computers , reports BGR.

If you go to “Control Panel> Programs> Programs and Features” you will see a list of Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel applications. In this case, instead of the name of the developer, which is respectively Microsoft Corporation, the names of the titles are written.

The right part shows that you have a “1.0” version of each of the applications. When you try to delete them, you will see a message asking if you want to remove the software from Microsoft Edge . Opening the browser and entering the command “edge: // apps” will confirm that you have installed them.

In fact, these are icons for quick access to Office Web Apps versions of applications that run in Edge. Removing them from your device will restore Windows 10 to normal operation.

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