Windows 10: Update (20H2) is ready – New Feature Download

The Windows 10 October 2020 Update is already here. If you want to download it before everyone else, here’s how to do it.

windows 10 update 20H2

Microsoft has just announced that Windows 10 build 19042.508 (KB4571756) , and intended for users of the Windows Insider program, actually corresponds to the October 2020 update which will soon be released to the general public and businesses. Released for the moment via the Release Preview channel , this new edition of Windows 10 brings some relevant new features, starting with a revamped start menu that we have been talking about for months already.

Windows 10 20H2: update on what’s new

Officially titled October 2020 Update , Windows 10 version 20H2 is already available. While officially build 19042.508 is mostly a security update, it is actually one of the two most important updates to Windows 10 for this year. Admittedly, last May’s update remains the more substantial of the two, but the 20H2 still offers some interesting new features. The Start menu has undergone a small facelift (the icons are no longer displayed on a colored tile).

It has been known for a while now that the Settings module is intended to replace the Control Panel (for the general public, at least). Rather than choosing the latter, more and more adjustment tools use the Parameters module, as this new edition of Windows 10 proves.

While many fixes are also required, Microsoft also promises with this new build an update that is easier and faster to download. If you’ve already installed the May 2020 update, the download should take less than 400MB .

windows 10 update

How to preview Windows 10 October Update (20H2)

Although the next big update for Windows 10 will not be released until next October, it is already possible to download it in preview . But first of all, let’s remember that this new version of Windows 10 is not completely finalized. Microsoft can still make a few more changes to it by October, but the fact that it’s going on the Release Preview channel indicates that if there are any fixes, they should be minor.

Also, this edition is theoretically more stable than the versions released through the Dev channel. We installed it on 4 editorial workstations and did not notice the slightest problem. On the other hand, if you want to avoid the slightest hassle on your daily work machine, it may be better to install it on a second partition of your computer, or on a PC that you do not use occasionally. Rest assured, the finalized October update shouldn’t be long anyway.

If you’re already part of the Windows Insider program, you don’t have much to do except make sure you’ve selected the Release Preview Channel. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Press the [Windows] + [I] keys to open the Parameters module
  • Go to Update & Security , then click Windows Insider Program
  • There, make sure you have selected the Release Preview channel
  • Retrace Update and security , and in the section Windows Update , press the Search updates. The build 19042.508 (KB4571756) should be available. All you have to do is download and install it like any Windows 10 udpate.
windows 10 new version 20H2

If you haven’t signed up for Windows Insider yet, here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the Start menu , then click on the small cogwheel to open the Settings module . You can also simultaneously press the [Windows] + [I] keys on your keyboard, it’s the same thing
  • Head over to Update & Security, and head over to the Windows Insider Program .
  • Press the Start button .
  • The service will then ask you to link an account . Add the account that you use to sign in to Windows to join the Windows Insider Program.
  • You will then be asked which update channel you want to use. Select the Release Preview channel . Press the Confirm button and you’re done.
  • The PC should restart normally. Open the Settings module again and go to Update & Security again
  • In the left section titled Windows Update, click the Check for Updates button
  • The October 2020 update called build 19042.508 (KB4571756) should be available. All you have to do is download and install it. As with any major Windows 10 update, restarting the PC is essential.

The October 2020 update named 20H2 will not revolutionize Windows 10 and acts more as an add-on to the 2004 Windows 10 update pushed into May 2020.

Windows 10 New Version Small changes to the look

The first thing that will be eye-catching with Windows 10’s 20H2 update is the Start menu which will be revamped somewhat.

The menu will match the color of the theme that we have defined on our Windows. So if we chose the light or dark theme, the icons will match accordingly.

Windows 10 20H2 Start menu

The look of the menu: Start will match the color theme of our Windows 10. Image Credit: Microsoft.

Notifications will also be entitled to a small focus on the visual side.  We will then be able to see the logo and the name of the application which sends us the notification.

Windows 10 notifications

inally, the task bar will be dynamic. We will find the Xbox application there if we have an Xbox Live account or the application: Your phone if we have paired our phone with our computer.

Edge Chromium as default browser

During the 2004 Windows 10 update, Microsoft started pushing (some say too hard) the Edge browser. It was the first thing we saw on the screen that it was now our default browser.

For once, Microsoft will continue in this vein, this time by imposing the new version of Edge based on the Chromium engine .

This version is said to increase browser performance, according to Microsoft. It also allows compatibility with all the tools developed by Google in the Edge browser.

It will obviously be possible to configure another default browser, whether it is Chrome, Firefox, Opera or others.

Still, Edge Chromium will allow you to see all the tabs that you have opened with the keyboard shortcut: Alt + Tab.

Tools to optimize our computer

New management tools will also be offered on our computer with Windows via the 20H2 update.

We will find a function that allows us to automatically delete unused applications .

In the same vein, another function named: Cleaning recommendations. It will tell us which large and unused files may be worth deleting to make space on our disk.

Finally, the tab: System in the settings will be replaced by a tab called: About this PC.

Nothing revolutionary, however we will have a button allowing us to quickly copy all the components of our computer. Handy if a technician asks us what our computer has in the belly.

Windows 10 settings

Task manager shortcut keys in windows 7,8,10

Task Manager ( Windows Task Manager ) – one of the most convenient and useful tools in Windows, designed to diagnose and manage processes in the system.

The task manager displays information about programs and processes running on the computer. In addition, you can view the most frequently used process performance indicators in it.

If your computer “freezes” when working with a number of programs, which usually occurs due to improper memory management of running programs, you can use the task manager to identify the application that failed (it will indicate “Not responding”) and force it to be disabled.

task manager

How to enable Task Manager

It may happen that when you press Ctrl + Alt + Del, you suddenly see the message “task manager is disabled by administrator / user”.

task manager in windows

In order to disable the task manager, in the “Task Manager Removal Properties” window, select “Enabled”. After that click on “Apply” and “OK”. Next, close the “Group Policy Settings” window.

Shortcuts for task manager in window 8 ,10

The first way is the keyboard shortcut Ctrl – Shift – Escape.

task manager shortcuts

The second way is to open the Start button using the additional menu. Right-click on the button and select the task manager in the list that opens:

task manager

The third way is the keyboard shortcut press Ctrl + Alt + Del.

task manager shortcut

How to start the Task Manager from the Run window

The task manager can be opened from the Run window:

  1. On the keyboard, simultaneously press the “Windows” + “R” keys.
  2. In the “Run” window, in the “Open” field, enter the expression: “taskmgr”.
  3. After that, you need to click on the “OK” button.
task manager keys

Window 10 Task manager tabs.

If “More” is selected, the task manager contains the following tabs

task manager

• Processes: a list of running applications and background processes in your

system along with information about the processor, memory, disk, network,

GPU and other resources.

• Performance: real-time graphs showing total

CPU, memory, disk, network and GPU usage

for your system. Here you will also find many other details,

starting with the IP address of your computer and ending with the model names

CPU and GPU of your computer.

• Application log: information on how much CPU and application resources

The network was used for your current user account. it

applies only to new applications of the universal platform of Windows

(UWP), in other words, to Store apps, not traditional

Windows desktop applications (Win32 applications).

• Startup: a list of your startup programs that are

Windows applications, automatically starts when you log in to your account

user record. You can disable startup programs from here,

although you can also do this from Settings> Applications> Startup.

• Users: current user accounts

registered on your PC, how many resources they use and what

applications they use.

• Details: More information about the processes running in

your system. This is basically the traditional Processes tab of

task manager in Windows 7.

• Sujby: Managing system services. This is the same information as in

services.msc, service management console.

Window 10 Task manager CPU utilization tabs.

The Performance tab displays real-time graphs,

displaying the use of system resources such as processor, memory,

disk, network and GPU. If you have multiple network drives

devices or GPUs, you can see them all separately.

task manager shortcut

• Processor: name and model number of your processor, its speed,

number of cores, as well as included and available virtualization features

equipment. It also shows the “uptime” of your

systems, that is, how long has your system been running since

last boot.

• Memory: how much RAM you have, its speed and how many slots

RAM on your motherboard. You can also see

how much of your memory is currently cached

data. Windows calls this the “fallback.” This data will be ready and waiting

if your system needs it, but Windows will automatically reset

cached data and free up space if it needs more memory

for another task.

• Disk: the name and model number of your disk, its size and current speed

reading and writing.

• Wi-Fi or Ethernet: Windows displays here the name of the network adapter and its IP

Addresses (both IPv4 and IPv6). For Wi-Fi connections you can also see

The Wi-Fi standard used in the current connection, for example, 802.11ac.

• GPU: shown on the GPU panel

separate graphs for various activities – for example, 3D or

video encoding or decoding. GPU has

own internal memory, so it also shows usage

memory graphic processor. Here you can also see the name and

your GPU model number and version used

graphics driver. You can control usage

GPU directly from task manager without any

third-party software.

Microsoft Hidden Tips & Tricks lets you double the performance of Windows 10

As you know, the most famous and popular operating system on the market is Windows 10, and it was released in the summer of 2015. Since then, a whole five years have passed, and over such a period, of course, it has become incredibly outdated, having completely lost its former attractiveness. Nothing like that, of course, is even close to anything surprising, because technologies do not stand still, but are constantly developing, becoming better and better every day. Nevertheless, Microsoft for such an impressive time period has managed to release hundreds of updates for the tenth “Windows”, which made it better than before. However, unfortunately, this OS was not even close.

windows 10

Against the background of this state of affairs, something happened that hardly anyone expected. The fact is that the American corporation Microsoft has released many different kinds of updates, and they made the tenth “Windows” better, but at the same time they also bring a lot of problems and difficulties, for the solution of which users had to spend extremely impressive sums of money, as well as temporary resources. Problems can be very different, and over time, it was not possible to eradicate all of these. One of the most common problems with Windows 10 is that it slows down significantly over time, becoming much slower than ever before.

It goes without saying that there is nothing good in all this and simply cannot be, because hardly anyone wants to once again feel a decrease in performance, because the slower an electronic device copes with any actions, the fewer any tasks with its help it will be possible to execute. However, fortunately, there is a hidden tweak in Windows 10 that doubles the speed of the entire operating system, making it much faster than it has ever been up to this very moment. Everything works quite simply, and you don’t even have to install and use any third-party software, which, in turn, can be considered a very big and important plus.

windows 10

The American corporation Microsoft has tried to do everything in its power to ensure that as many people as possible use its proprietary software for as long as possible, in connection with which it added a special function to the OS that can significantly improve performance. In order to use it, you need to open the “Start” menu, and then, in any convenient way, run a program called “Task Manager”. In this software, you must go to the “Startup” section and disable absolutely all applications that are not drivers. To save the changes, you need to reboot the electronic device. After that, Windows 10 will start up much faster, and overall performance will increase significantly, since third-party software will not constantly be in the background.

Hidden setting in Windows 10 doubles your speed

Even though the Windows 10 operating system is now installed on more than 1 billion personal computers, tablets, laptops and other devices, it is far from being as good and attractive as many for some reason think. This platform contains a lot of various flaws, due to which users, when using it, constantly regularly face various very different difficulties. The most common problem of the tenth “Windows” is that it works too slowly, that is, in other words, this operating system begins to slow down over time, and this manifests itself in literally everything, starting with the speed at which the entire OS is turned on and ending with many others.

windows 1o hidden features

The Windows 10 operating system is incredibly widespread in terms of its qualities, primarily due to the fact that it has no real alternatives, since macOS can be installed, at least officially, only on Apple computers, while Linux is narrowly focused OS designed to solve only certain tasks. To the delight of all users of the tenth “Windows” who are forced to use it on an ongoing basis, this platform has a hidden setting that allows you to double the speed of work with its regular use, that is, extremely strongly. Due to this, this operating system will start working as quickly as immediately after installation or immediately after purchasing a computer.

The fact is that many third-party applications created by not the most conscientious developers do not even ask for permission to be added to startup, and the operating system from Microsoft only actively contributes to this, since it does not contain any limits or prohibitions in this regard. which the user could set for all default software. That is why it is extremely important to use a setting that is hidden from the eyes of ordinary users, because it forever increases the speed by two or more times, which, in turn, has an extremely positive effect on the convenience of using a candy bar, laptop, personal computer, or some other electronic device , and there are very many of them now.

windows 10

To use this very setting, you need to launch the standard program preinstalled in Windows 10 called “Task Manager” in any convenient way. The easiest and most convenient way to do this is through the “Start” quick access menu. As soon as the software with this name is launched, you should go to the “Startup” section and carefully examine its contents. As a rule, many users have many different programs there in an enabled state. All of them, being in this, not only constantly work in the background, thereby reaping processor power, space on RAM and battery power, but also slow down the speed of turning on the entire operating system. That is why any programs other than drivers must be disabled and then rebooted. The changes will take effect instantly.

Microsoft new application for 8500 rubles free for Windows 10

Back in the summer of 2015, the Windows 10 operating system became available to everyone to download and install, which is extremely advanced in terms of the combination of qualities. She brought along with her the support of the latest technology and a number of other features that were supposed to make her extremely attractive. This platform actually managed to gain widespread popularity, but not quite in the way that the American corporation would like. In fact, many owners of personal computers, laptops, all-in-ones, tablets and other gadgets were simply forced to upgrade to Windows 10, that is, to the latest platform among all those released by Microsoft.

windows 10 rubbles

At the same time, many people are very unhappy with the tenth “Windows”, since various problems and shortcomings appear in its work again and again, because of which it is not very pleasant and comfortable to use it. In all this, of course, there is not and cannot be anything good, because hardly anyone wants to see any malfunctions or shortcomings in the operation of an electronic device under the control of this OS, and then it will take a lot of time and effort to fix them. … Nevertheless, despite the many flaws in this platform, it is still installed on more than 1 billion electronic devices from various categories, that is, an extremely impressive circle of people actively uses it.

This operating system is incredibly functional, but at the same time, it is extremely confusing, in connection with which it is often difficult even for experienced specialists to understand it. The license for Windows 10 costs as much as $ 200 (15,000 rubles), that is, those who want to use it must pay an extremely large sum of money for it, the size of which is very impressive. However, even having laid out so much, the expenses will not end there, since you will have to spend additional money on the purchase of the Office 2019 office suite, which in the full version costs as much as 8,500 rubles. That is how much its full-fledged version costs, which includes all the most important and necessary applications for work and learning.

windows 10

These programs include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, and a number of others designed to solve a wide variety of tasks. Nevertheless, fortunately for all users of the licensed operating system Windows 10, now it is not at all necessary to give money for an office suite, since the American corporation Microsoft made it completely free. Downloading it from a store called the Microsoft Store is easy and simple, and then start using it. This free “office” is limited in functionality, but with its help you can create, edit and view documents, doing all this without unnecessary complications and difficulties. Until recently, one could not even dream of something like this, since no one could offer anything like this.

The best app for 8500 rubles became free for Windows 10

The further into the future, the more interesting software developers create and release, because the latest technology allows them to do it. It is simply impossible to create a good product from scratch, since it is necessary to use other software already on the market for this. The most popular operating system for computers, tablets and laptops is currently, without a doubt, Windows 10, and Microsoft released such a company back in the summer of 2015. Four whole years have passed since then, during which the situation has changed radically.

So, in particular, many updates have been released for this platform, ranging from extremely large to small ones. They’ve all made Windows 10 better than ever. Nevertheless, even in spite of all this, not all users like this operating system, so Microsoft decided to go to extreme measures in order to lure the owners of any computers, tablets and laptops to it. To do this, she made the best application for the tenth “Windows”, which separately costs $ 120 (8500 rubles), completely free for all users using the licensed version of the OS.


Only owners of the licensed version of Windows 10 can count on free access to the software observatory. This is actually the best and most useful, because it is an office suite Office 2019. The American corporation Microsoft asks for $ 120 (8500 rubles) for it, and all users who need one have to give such an amount of money for it. However, fortunately, now you no longer need to do this, because you can use applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and many others without any fee. All this became possible thanks to the generosity of the developers, who decided in this way to provide the tenth “Windows” with a tangible advantage.

However, of course, there were some restrictions. The fact is that the office suite is available for free only in the mode of limited functionality, that is, with its help you can only create, view and edit any files at a basic level. To get an office suite without any fee, you just need to download it through the Microsoft Store for Windows 10, and it is simply called Office. This software, among other things, contains some more additional features that allow, for example, to simultaneously work on something with your work colleague. You will still have to pay 8500 rubles to get access to all functions.

Windows 13 Release date Update 2020

The release date of Windows 10 , as well as its features and new functions, will be described in detail.

What’s New in Windows 13

We know that the new platform will be better than others available now, and this will be expressed literally in everything. So, it will provide high speed, enhanced security system, and at the same time a significant increase in battery life on laptops and tablets due to code optimization, the latest energy-saving algorithms and a reduction in the number of background processes. However, this is far from all that this platform for electronic devices can pleasantly please. Users in Windows 10 can rely on a completely new incredibly beautiful appearance of the entire interface, which will definitely please all users. This will be supplemented with new menu items and simplify the entire navigation to make the process of using this OS easier and more understandable.



According to currently available data, the new operating system will be able to update seamlessly for the user, that is, all updates will load in the background, and then quietly take effect without the need to reboot or exit the system. This will simplify the installation process of updates as much as it does not require spending money. This, without a doubt, will please all users. Moreover, the installation system for updates in Windows 10 will be as reliable as possible, so if something suddenly breaks partially or completely, the user will be able to return everything back in a couple of clicks within a couple of weeks after spending literally 5 minutes.

Windows 13 release date Update 

The new operating system will be the most reliable of those that Microsoft has ever released, and it will also receive native support for Android-based smartphones, receiving full synchronization with them. According to currently available data, the presentation of Windows 13 will take place in the first quarter of 2021, that is, from January to March inclusive, and then this platform will become available for installation on all computers and other gadgets of users. It is expected that its release in the final stable form will have in the third quarter, that is, it will be possible to download it somewhere in September.  As for the price of a license, it will cost $ 200.

Even despite the fact that Microsoft’s most modern operating system is now Windows 10, but soon the day will come when this platform will retire, and instead everyone will be able to download Windows 13, that is, a new OS for computers, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices, of which there are very, very many on the market. Even though the American corporation itself does not disclose any details about its software, there is already information about its main features, and at the same time about when it will enter the market and when it will be released on its computers, tablets, laptops, all-in-ones and other electronic devices can be installed by all users without any difficulties.

It is known that a completely new interface awaits users in the new OS, which will be as simple and clear as possible, and especially for it, the appearance of all menu items has been completely changed, as well as the design of standard applications. Due to this, Windows 10 will be completely unlike any older Microsoft platform. In addition, in the new operating system, the American corporation is going to bring the security system to a new previously unattainable level. Users will need to give the software access to certain capabilities, which should allow, in theory, control of malicious software, because it will be possible to easily and simply calculate.

Hopefully, Microsoft will update to the next windows OS like Windows 11, Windows 12 or Windows 13. We are waiting for upgrade.

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Windows 11 and DirectX 13 will be released at the end of 2020

Windows 11 and DirectX 13 will be released at the end of 2020: I welcome everyone. Since I am a Microsoft employee and an internal tester of Windows builds, from time to time I release insider information on the channel and this release will not be an exception. So, firstly, Microsoft refuses to develop Windows 10, as the company realized that it was not moving in the right direction. Spring Creators Update will be the last and no Redstone 5 should be expected. If you recall, Microsoft in the days of Windows 8 stated that there would be no more new license plate parts for Windows. The same thing we heard in the case of Windows 10, but Microsoft can twist around the finger. Windows 7 was released in 2009, Windows 8 in 2012, Windows 10 in 2015, and in turn, Windows 11, according to the secret roadmap, will be released at the end of 2020. The new OS will return to its roots and will be very similar to Windows 7. Most users liked the Windows 10 version of LTSB (LTSC) and Microsoft decided to rework the system globally based on the feedback from these users. The company will completely cut out Metro applications and concentrate on classic Win32 applications, because according to Microsoft, the future lies with them. Aero and familiar transparency will return to the system interface.

windows 11

The Microsoft Store will be completely cut out of the system, and standard applications will return to their places, as well as games like the Kosyna and the Spider. Xbox services will also be sawn out of the system, and they will be replaced by the Steam service, which will be preinstalled into the operating system. Later, system-level support for applications like Origin and Uplay is expected.

Windows 11 will be as easy and affordable.

Various tracking services will be completely cut out of the system, since too much criticism was addressed to the company because of this, and the tracking itself greatly damaged the sales of the system.

Internet Explorer will also return. In Windows 10, Microsoft replaced it with the new Edge browser, but the browser was so unsuccessful that the company decided to return with the good old Internet Explorer. The browser will be updated to version 12 and will be built on the highly modified Trident engine, so the new IE will receive support for modern web technologies. Many useful things, such as extensions and the ability to read various PDF-documents will be possible in the new version of Internet Explorer.

Still resume developing Windows Media Player. The new 13th version will receive a modern interface and support for new audio formats.

The Start menu will return to the classic look without the use of Metro-tiles and other heresies. But among other things, Windows 11 will receive a function for managing tabs in Explorer, which has been rumored for a long time.

Skype will also be integrated into Windows 11, but only the desktop version, since nobody particularly liked its Modern version.

windows 13

In addition, Microsoft, along with Windows 11, will also release DirectX 13. The new API should become an updated version of DirectX 12, since DX12 itself turned out to be a rather crude application programming interface, but it is worth noting that only new video cards will support DirectX 13. New The API will be several times faster than the DirectX 12 API. Although this sounds incredible, the fact is that Microsoft is also involved in the field of artificial intelligence and the development of a quantum computer. Some of the developments will enter the new application programming interface, including a new technology for tracing light rays. Games with support for DirectX 13 are expected next year and in theory this API will repeat the success of DirectX 9 and DirectX 11.

The upcoming Office 2021 will now be integrated into the system, and Windows 11 itself will be completely free.

In general, Microsoft is trying to make Windows 11 an ideal system that will be perfect in everything and suit every user. Microsoft realized its mistakes, Windows 11 will be as easy and affordable.

Do not listen to people who say something about Windows 10 and about a single OS, all this is not true. This year there will be Windows 11, and in 2022 – Windows 12. Windows 13, Windows 12 should generally raise the functionality to the Absolute, but so far the development has concentrated only on Windows 11.